Paulownia Seed Company World Trade, SL, was born in the spring of 1999, when one of its founders during a walk in the park of Vienna discovered a tree about 9 meters high. This tree attracted the attention of its beautiful large purple flowers. Like many of the trees planted in the Austrian capital, had this tree trunk mounted on a plaque that bore his name: «Paulownia tomentosa».

Story aside, the founding company Paulownia World Trade, SL, is a response to the current situation of many landowners and farmers who would like to use their land for agricultural purposes. We should these lands rented or farmed themselves on them.

The company Paulownia World Trade, SL, offers a simple, affordable and environmentally friendly and above all economically advantageous alternative land use.

This type of land use does not require a large investment. Most work is in the early years. Growing Paulownia is environmentally friendly and sustainable for several reasons. When growing Paulownia is compared with traditional crops minimum water consumption. Forested areas monoculture is relatively fast, it brings the protection of fauna and generates soil.

And finally, if we’re talking about economically, it is a solution that will ensure future income.

Planting trees is clearly a necessity with regard to the future scarcity of natural resources used to produce energy. Paulownia tree offers him the opportunity to grow as a woody plant for the production of biomass.

Service from Paulownia World Trade, SL, is aimed at landowners, municipalities, farmers, growing managers and anyone who wants to start to think and act environmentally and grow this tree. This site provides support services and basic explanations to the most financially and utilized effectively by planting Paulownia.