The wood from the Paulownia tree is known in the trade under the name of the Japanese word «kiri «.

This is a very valuable wood, with very bright colors (texture and color similar to ash), very strong and yet ultra – lightweight. A cubic meter of Paulownia wood can weigh only about 250 kg, even lighter than wood from the poplar tree, which is about 300 kg/m3.

It is one of the most stable trees, planted for rapid growth and does not warp, crack or deform.

The wood is easy to work with and tolerates a wide range of finishes such as fine paints, varnishes and adhesives.

The wood is waterproof and difficult to burn.

It is an excellent insulation against heat and cold, and thus great for construction, cladding and insulation of interior or exterior of buildings.

Its ease of processing makes it ideal for the production of boards and plywood.

Therefore, Paulownia wood offers very diverse usage including; general carpentry, building furniture, cabinets, doors, windows , panels, musical instruments, toys, handicrafts, light construction, decorative beams, columns, cabins, moldings, plywood, boxes, containers, pallets, boards, frames, etc. .