There are several combinations to achieve profitable use, which can basically be summarized as follows:

1. Growing trees for furniture made ​​of wood or laminate.

The density of plantation may spread to 500 to 700 trees / ha. However, as mentioned above is dependent on many factors. It is an investment in the range of six to ten years, in order to achieve ​​a minimum height of 6 meters with a minimum diameter of 40 cm at a height of 1.30 cm, to obtain timber of trade quality.

2. Mixed cultivation

The aim is to use part of plantings that are 2-3 years old for the production of biomass pellets, slabs of wood algomers or rods. A further part to keep planting until the age of 6 and 10 years and then sells wood for furniture, etc. Planting density should be around 1000 trees / ha.