Paulownia World Trade, SL develops and manages Pauwlonie tree plantations, for the manufacture of wood for industrial processing.

Comprehensive management includes managing the entire process from planning, planting, pruning to harvest time, in the following steps:

1. We evaluate the suitable location for plantations and help in selection of the best clone in accordance with the characteristics of the region. We determine the water needs of the plantation and irrigation and / or drainage requirements. Prior to the establishment of plantations we help plan the needs and determine the framework suitable for each plantation.

2 .Grow and sell Paulownia seedlings to be used for cultivation.

3.  Professional advice or, if necessary, provide services for planting, pruning and other silvicultural activities needed on the plantation.

4. We monitor growth throughout the cultivation.

5. We provide cutting, processing, distribution and sale of timber from plantations.

We offer can our customers these five services together or separately as needed. We also have an economic study for our customers on project profitability and prices of Paulownia.